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Episode 1: So…We Started a Podcast

So…We Started a Podcast – Episode 001

This podcast episode is all about how we met, why we laugh so much, and our goals behind starting this podcast. Yes, we want it to be funny and an insight into our lives. But more than that, we want to show what parenting deep in the trenches truly looks like.


Mentioned in our episode is our social media handles for All These Kidz and our personal pages as well. Each one of us is growing a brand and building a life we don’t need a vacation from. We would love and truly need your support so be sure to follow all of us!


All These Kidz – @allthesekidz 

Ambyr Amen-Ra – @anurbanma

Bryttany Hyde – @hustleorhyde

Sabrina Azemar – @mrsbutler5


All These Kidz – /allthesekidz

Thedgyrl at An Urban Ma – /anurbanma

Hustle or Hyde – /hustleorhyde1

Modern Mother Social Media Consultant – /huntsvillesocialmedia


All These Kidz – @allthesekidz

Ambyr Amen-Ra – @anurbanma

Bryttany Hyde – @hustleorhyde

Sabrina Azemar – @5mrsbutler


All These Kidz –

Ambyr Amen-Ra –

Bryttany Hyde –


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The next episode is all about Mother’s Day!

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